Urban-Suburban Survival Workshop (Provided on request only)

This 8 hour workshop is geared for those who seriously value their lives, their homes, their legacy.  

Designed for individuals, families, church groups, office staffs and businesses preparing to meet the growing threats to emergency survival in the urban-suburban environment. Contact Mark@mountaineerwilderness.com to discuss your requirements, schedule and price.

85 percent of Americans live within urban-suburban parts of the country; dependent on vulnerable electrical grids and water purification systems, and each of us more and more dependent on government controlled services.  Learn how to survive when the grid goes down and government isn't there to save you.   

  • Disaster can strike at anytime: Katrina, Sandy, Terrorism, Nuclear Accidents or War.

  • Systems get overwhelmed, services go down, and authorities lose control.

  • What's left for you and your family in to survive in the midst of disaster and chaos.

  • Workshop presentations and training include:

    • Becoming Survival Minded

    • Knowing What Emergencies to Prepare for Most

    • Developing and Maintaining Situational Awareness

    • Analyzing Your Risk & Establishing Priorities

    • Assessing Your Own Survival Preparedness

    • Creating Effective Action Plans

    • Practical Steps for Surviving Emergencies and Natural Disasters