Watch this page for recommendations about the most essential gear and equipment for camping, backpacking, hunting and wilderness survival. For those of you building your survival kit watch for good deals and product reviews. If you also want to recommend a product for the outdoors just drop me an email at

This is best all-around knife I’ve found online for the wilderness and will easily handle any survival task! It holds an edge and is the perfect shape for cutting, hacking, slicing, auguring, prying. Don’t rely on a folding knife for your survival. Full tang 1075 steel blade with a thick back for pushing when whittling. I’ve had my own (more expensive) knives made to these specifications because it has the right heft, balance, size, and it comes with a sheath. For any new or experienced outdoorsman or woman this is the knife you want, at a very reasonable price.

TruSpec Sling Backpack is a great everyday pack or “go bag” with hidden conceal carry pockets. Sturdy nylon with tough stiching. This bag goes with me in the car, to work, or out to eat and is large enough for all the essentials. Traveling lite on a day hike this pack will easily carry what you need to survive overnight in the wild.


To make fire in a survival situation don’t rely on a ferro rod that’s too cheap or too small. You want a fire starter you can hold on to and easily get that fire going. These fire steel rods are already drilled for a lanyard and you can make your own scraper from the end of hacksaw blade.

If you’re going to carry a flashlight in your survival pack it should be one with solar charging like this one. These have a small battery that is recharged by direct sunlight or ambient light. Even when stored they hold a charge for years. Regular flashlights rely on batteries that run down with no way to recharge in the wild.

A wide mouth Nalgene bottle is a must carry in your camping or survival kit. Save space by using the bottle as a waterproof container for smaller survival kit items until you need it for water. Stored items are easily removed. The open crew top fits a back packer water filter to allow quick filling with clean water.

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For back country navigation you want a high quality compass like the Suunto sighting compass with an adjustment to dial out magnetic declination. It pays to have a rugged compass that will hold up when you need it most. This one makes training and practice very easy so you can become expert before going out into the wild. Has luminous needle, direction of travel indicator and cardinal directios.

This Sawyer mini water filtration system is inexpensive but works like a champ! This is one of those items that easily stores in the wide mouth water bottle until needed.

This is the shelter I carry for survival. Waterproof, easy to put up, versatile as tent, rain fly, hammock cover. Shelter is a survival priority and a shelter like this goes up quickly and without wasting a lot of energy you’re going to need.

When day hiking, overnighting, or hunting you need to carry the survival essentials along with your other gear. This pack will do the job. I’ve own Mountainsmith packs for years and these are tough, comfortable packs. Customer service is great too. Don’t go out underprepared…take a sturdy pack with the gear you need for survival.

Your survival kit needs an emergency whistle! This is one sure way to help rescuers find you when you get lost off trail. I’ve tried dozens of different types of whistles and the Storm is a brand I really trust.